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Teamwork and collaboration make great user experiences possible

“While each discipline on the product team has its role to play, it is the true teamwork and collaboration of a cohesive product team that makes great user experiences possible.” -Pabini Gabriel-Petit

Read Pabini’s article “Sharing Ownership of UX” on UXmatters for her thoughts on how the entire product team must work together when making product decisions.

Focusing on the connective tissue between disciplines makes products holistic


“Each discipline can only go so far with the constraints they work under, and we have to watch each other’s backs and cover for the flaws of each other. Users don’t care whose fault it is that a product works poorly, only that it works poorly. All the disciplines need work together to figure out solutions to product flaws… Focusing on the connective tissue between disciplines makes products holistic.” – Dan Saffer

Read Dan’s article “User Experience is Everyone’s Responsibility” here.

Think of your work not as a job, but as a calling


“If you look at some of the best, most inspirational practitioners in our field you’ll see that they think of their work, not as a job, but as a calling. They see the impact of technology on people’s lives as important. They feel that good design makes the world a better place — and that bad design can make life miserable… So my advice is: find your passion, pursue it and your career will take care of itself.” – David Travis

As someone relatively new to this field, this quote really spoke to me, and is probably my favorite out of all that I have posted so far. No matter what field you’re in, passion is extremely important.

Read an interview with David Travis on the User Experience Network here.