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Christian Saylor “At the end of the day, the job of the (UX) designer is to help tell a story that is relevant and meaningful, regardless of time, device or even location… Story is all around us. It gives us a sense of understanding and knowledge of the people and things that are important to us.”
Christian Saylor (source)
Francisco Inchauste “Storytelling offers a way for the team to really understand what they are building and the audience that they are creating it for. Stories allow for the most complex of ideas to be effectively conveyed to a variety of people. This designed product/experience can then offer meaning and emotion for its users.”
Francisco Inchauste (source)
Jim Antonopoulos “Great design is storytelling at its finest; it is insightful, sincere and evokes emotion and change. Design is at the center of the user experience and it is the designer’s responsibility to make the experience remarkable for both the client and their audience.”
Jim Antonopoulos (source)
Todd Zaki Warfel “Any design based on a written spec is a design based on theory. A design based on a prototype is a design based on experience and practice… Prototyping has given us the power to show and tell the story of our design solutions to any given problem rather than just tell the story waving our hands in the air to describe the magic.”
Todd Zaki Warfel (source)