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Aaron Irizarry “If we are going to succeed in anything, especially the ever changing design world, we are going to have to have a strong passion for what we do… Our passion is going to be the driving force behind our motivation (even when we have none) to be the best, to make a contribution to the design community. It will provide the fuel to go the extra mile for clients and for ourselves.”
Aaron Irizarry (source)
Garr Reynolds “Good designers are skilled at noticing and observing. They are able to see both the big picture and the details of the world around them. Humans are natural pattern seekers; be mindful of this skill in yourself and in others. Design is a ‘whole brain’ process. You are creative, practical, rational, analytic, empathetic, and passionate. Foster these aptitudes.”
Garr Reynolds (source)
Jon Kolko “If I could tell you one thing about getting involved in design, it would be to have passion. Have undying, unending passion for what it is you’re doing. You’ll run up against people who don’t understand it, who don’t want to pay for it, who don’t respect it. Ultimately, none of that matters if you have the passion to make it happen.”
Jon Kolko (source)
Jon Kolko “I have no misconceptions that designers can ‘solve’ massive problems, or even approach them on their own without collaboration from other disciplines. But I feel strongly that designers make great agents of change and can champion new and novel approaches to old and tired problems. The best indicator of design success, in my experience, is a passion to make an impact.”
Jon Kolko (source)
Kathy Sierra “If we want to create passionate users, we have to help them get better. Nobody’s passionate about things they suck at. If we can help them have richer, deeper, better experiences, we have a chance of making them passionate… If we could help our users be awesome, what would that mean to them?”
Kathy Sierra (source)
Preston D. Lee “Design is about the perfect fusion of passion and knowledge. Your passion has to come from within you and your knowledge has to come from a lot of dedicated study and practice… Just educate yourself. It doesn’t matter HOW, just get educated about design. Mix that with your passion to create, and you’ll be successful.”
Preston D. Lee (source)
Sachin Agarwal “A good designer is a very opinionated person. They are stubborn. They pay attention to details. They work tirelessly to make sure everything is perfect. Something an average person would never even notice, drives a great designer nuts. And great designers don’t just care about the applications and websites they are building, but demand great design in everything they do.”
Sachin Agarwal (source)
Whitney Hess “Ease of use isn’t the only measure of a positive user experience; pleasurably is just as important. Something can be dead simple, but if it’s outrageously boring or cold it can feel harder to get through. Designs should have flourishes of warmth, kindness, whimsy, richness, seduction, wit – anything that incites passion and makes the person feel engaged and energized.”
Whitney Hess (source)