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Dan Saffer “Interface design isn’t only about making a device or application look attractive… it’s about making an appropriately pleasing application or device that people find useful and usable and want to integrate into their lives.”
Dan Saffer (source)
Jakob Nielsen “Even the best designers produce successful products only if their designs solve the right problems. A wonderful interface to the wrong features will fail.”

Jakob Nielsen (source)
Jared Spool “A design is intuitive when people just know what to do and they don’t have to go through any training to get there… When a design is not intuitive, our attention moves away from what we’re trying to accomplish to how we can get the interface to accomplish what we want.”
Jared Spool (source)
Jonathan Follett “As we explore new human interface devices and incorporate new interactions into our designs, we have the opportunity to create deep connections between users and their technology.”
Jonathan Follett (source)
Kim Goodwin “Features are meaningless. They mean nothing to users. A coherent product user interface is the product to users.”
Kim Goodwin (source)
Kim Vicente “We don’t want to figure out what all those buttons do or why they are set up the way they are. We just want to get on with our lives and do our jobs well. When we make use of technology, we want to focus on achieving our goals, not on deciphering the technology. The design should be in the background of our attention.”
Kim Vicente (source)
Luke Wroblewski “Each time you consider adding or removing an interface element, put it through the wringer. Is it a necessity or an accessory? Does it support your main message? Remember, it’s better to do one thing well, than many second-rate.”
Luke Wroblewski (source)
Matt Linderman “All web apps are trying to suck. They are trying to be bloated. They are trying to be unstructured. They are trying to be confusing. You are the stopgap. You are the one who stands between order and chaos. You are the sniper who must pick off every distraction, unneeded feature, and extra word that doesn’t absolutely have to be there. You must be a killer. You must say no. You must anger those who disagree with you. That is the only way to make something great.”
Matt Linderman (source)
Matt May “If you want to reach the greatest number of users possible, it’s best to write clearly and simply and design your interfaces to be consistent from page to page. For some people, simple usability advice like this is an absolute accessibility need… And anyway, people of all abilities fail tasks that are confusing. Why should we all suffer an interface that proves itself to be unusable?”
Matt May (source)
Sharon Lee “The principles of good human-to-computer interface design are simplicity, support, clarity, encouragement, satisfaction, accessibility, versatility, and personalization. While it’s essential to heed these, it’s also important to empathize with and inspire your audience so they feel you’re treating them less like a faceless user and more like a human being.”
Sharon Lee (source)
Zeus Jones “There will always be a need for dialogue, and if we are to have a meaningful conversation with our users, we have to facilitate the conversation with an interface that welcomes them with open arms… By asking users to engage on a personal level, we are creating a relationship based on shared ownership of knowledge and value. And best of all, it doesn’t feel like work. Actions really do speak louder than words.”
Zeus Jones (source)