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Andrew Hinton “User Experience Design is not data-driven, it’s insight-driven. Data is just raw material for insight… We have to be able to do both: use data to inform the fullest possible understanding of the behavior and context of potential users, as well as bring our own experience and talent to the challenge.”
Andrew Hinton (source)
Debra Levin Gelman “We have to arm ourselves with data, research, design patterns, and a clear understanding of our users and our content so our decisions are not made out of fear but out of real, actionable information. Although our clients may not have articulated reasons for why they want what they want, it is our responsibility to to have an ironclad rationale to support our design decisions.”
Debra Levin Gelman (source)
Jon Kolko “As the designer moves from data, to information, to knowledge and then to wisdom, the problem being solved changes from a single dimensional issue of aesthetics or organization to one of selective contextualization, and then to one of experience.”
Jon Kolko (source)
Louis Rosenfeld “There are many near-term benefits to applying analytics to user experience design. And the long-term promises so much. So there needs to be a wedding of web analytics and user experience. Designers need to get better with data to finally be able to design for finding, as well as to better communicate with managers, business analysts, and, to a degree, information technologists and developers. Designers will have to learn a foreign language to win them over. That language is data.”
Louis Rosenfeld (source)
Luke Wroblewski “It’s becoming increasingly hard to do large-scale digital product design without integrating an understanding of data… Data analytics can help create and optimize opportunities. Designers versed in data may uncover trends or insights that not only yield better products but new product or business ideas as well.”
Luke Wroblewski (source)
Patrick Lynch “Smart graphic design is always some balance of current expressive trends, information architecture, classical layout aesthetics, and detailed research on user preferences and motivations. You should never ignore solid user experience data, but mountains of data won’t auto-magically build you a successful site. Design is a synthetic activity. It can be informed by the results of analysis, but the tools of analysis don’t create beautiful designs.”
Patrick Lynch (source)