World Usability Day: 74% discount on UX tools

As a follow-up to the last UX tools bundle offered through UX Heroes, the third annual Optimal Workshop World Usability Day bundle is now available consisting of 8 great tools and subscriptions worth $5,000 for $1,370.  However, if you use the link in this post, you can get an additional $150 discount and get the bundle for $1,220.

View the bundle here.

  • Usability Professionals’ Association: 4 video seminars and a live webinar
  • OptimalSort: 12 month subscription of this remote card sorting
  • Treejack: 12 month subscription to test and validate your IA
  • Loop11: 2 projects to conduct remote usability tests of any website
  • OpenHallway: A 12 month subscription and 3 TryMyUI credits will help you record a/v screencasts of user testing sessions
  • SnapEngage: 12 month subscription of this service that lets you live chat with your site visitors and customers
  • ConceptShare: 12 month subscription to markup visual designs collaboratively
  • HotGloo: 12 month suscription to do rapid collaborative wireframing

Since this year’s World Usability Day theme is “Designing for Social Change”, $100 from each bundle sold goes to support the work of The Mekong Club, a business-led initiative to fight modern day slavery.

This is only available until the end of World Usability Day (Thursday, November 10), so check it out quickly if you’re interested!

UX Heroes Visual Prototyping Bundle – Name your price on 3 great prototyping tools

UX Heroes has a great offer available on several tools for UX Designers.  The UX Heroes Visual Prototyping Bundle offers a deep discount on three visual prototyping tools to help you diagram, wireframe and prototype. You can choose your own price using the slide control at the bottom of the page. This bundle only runs until September 27th, so act quickly if you’re interested in it!  You can get the following tools worth almost $200 for any price you choose:

  • Gliffy Online: Create diagrams such as flowcharts, UI wireframes, floor plans, network diagrams, UML diagrams, web site maps, or any other simple drawing or diagram.
  • HotGloo: Collaboratively create low and high fidelity wireframes or prototypes.
  • Mocksup: Share your mockups on any desktop, tablet or smartphone, collect feedback via comments and sticky notes, and create quick UX prototypes by linking mockups together.

Plus, you can get Chalkmark (worth $109) if you spend $40.

Get the bundle now!

If you use the link in this blog post for the offer, you will be able to get a discount if you go on to buy the main bundle when it is launched in a couple of weeks. That bundle will offer even more UX tools for a fraction of their retail cost.

UX principles in action: Feedback systems and Ford SYNC

UX principles in action: Feedback systems and Ford SYNC

The importance of providing system feedback

Providing the user feedback during an action is one of the most basic user experience principles that must be considered when designing systems.  Feedback can come in a variety of forms: a confirmation message upon completion of an action, an error message if something goes wrong, a progress indicator while the system is performing an action, or other visual techniques that indicate a system’s state.  Providing feedback in a design helps to minimize errors and gives users confidence while performing tasks or actions.

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Challenge can lead to more engaged, informed, and self-sufficient users

“Challenging users in the correct manner will ultimately lead to more engaged, informed, and self-sufficient users. Informed users have a better idea of what they want and can better articulate why they want it. Most importantly, a user who is engaged with a subject is more willing and able to grow with it.” – P.J. Onori

Read more in P.J.’s article “In Defense of Hard” from the Adaptive Path newsletter.

The purpose of user experience design is to create personal value

“The purpose of user experience design is to create personal value. We’re not here to reduce risk. We’re not here to massage conversion rates. We’re here to make things that improve people’s lives. In doing so, our companies profit in both senses of the word. It’s insufficient to judge our industry by the ROI we generate, or our contribution toward GDP. We should judge our industry by the happiness we create.” – Cennydd Bowles

Read more in the transcript of Cennydd’s IA Summit 2011 closing plenary speech “The fall and rise of user experience.