Design is about more than just solving problems

“Some people (they are wrong) say design is about solving problems. Obviously designers do solve problems, but then so do dentists. Design is about cultural invention.” – Jack Schulze

This quote is from Kicker Studio’s interview with Jack.  Thanks to Martin Polley for submitting this quote!  If you find a quote you want to see on inspireUX, submit it using the form on the right hand side of this page.

The best indicator of design success is a passion to make an impact

“I have no misconceptions that designers can ‘solve’ massive problems, or even approach them on their own without collaboration from other disciplines. But I feel strongly that designers make great agents of change and can champion new and novel approaches to old and tired problems. The best indicator of design success, in my experience, is a passion to make an impact.” – Jon Kolko

Read more in Jon’s Johnny Holland article “The Strange Connection between Entitlement, Social Innovation, and Interaction Design”.

Great designers demand great design in everything they do

“A good designer is a very opinionated person. They are stubborn. They pay attention to details. They work tirelessly to make sure everything is perfect. Something an average person would never even notice, drives a great designer nuts. And great designers don’t just care about the applications and websites they are building, but demand great design in everything they do.” – Sachin Agarwal

This quote is from Sachin’s article “I’m not just a product designer, I’m an experience designer.”

Thanks to @IDSA and @mmagoo for pointing to this quote!