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inspireUX site updates

inspireUX Redesign

After nearly 5 years, inspireUX was due for a redesign. My goal with the redesign was to simplify the design to put more emphasis on the content (after all, isn’t that what a blog is for?). Everything has been refreshed, the site is now responsive, and I’ve switched to a new web hosting company so everything should be much faster.

I’m aiming to get back into a more regular posting schedule, so you will soon be seeing more original articles.

If you have any comments about the redesign or have any suggestions for content you’d like to see here, let me know in the comments!

New ways of inspiring User Experience Designers

Thank you to everyone who participated in the survey I posted this past week! Your feedback clearly indicated to me two things: most of you like the focused, concise, simple nature of the quotes, but most of you are also open to a wider range of content.

I am going to start experimenting with posting new types of content.  I’m hoping that this will provide you with additional sources of inspiration extending beyond the quotes.  For now, I am going to reduce quote postings to twice a week and reserve at least once a week for other types of articles. This schedule may change based on your feedback and overall reception to the new types of posts.

The default RSS feed will include all posts. For those of you who are only interested in the quotes, I created a separate feed that you can subscribe to. As I add different types of content to this site, I’ll provide separate RSS feeds for those as well so you can subscribe to the content that you’re most interested in.

Please send me your feedback as this site evolves! This site exists for the User Experience community, and I want to make it as useful as possible.

3 minute survey: What would you like to see on inspireUX?

I’ve been posting User Experience quotes here on inspireUX for over 2 years now.  This site has grown beyond any of my expectations, and I’m incredibly happy with the response it’s received within the UX community.  The downside is that after posting 334 quotes to date, it’s become increasingly difficult to find unique and valuable quotes to share with all of you.  It’s time for me to consider the future of this site, and whether it should grow in scope to include more than just quotes.

I’d really appreciate your feedback about this by answering a short anonymous survey that should only take 2-3 minutes to fill out.  Your responses will help me figure out whether expanding this site’s content would be “useful, usable, and desirable” (sorry – I couldn’t resist!).

inspireUX Survey

Thank you!!

New inspireUX design and quote archive launched!

I’m happy to  launch some exciting new updates to the site:

* Completely new design including rotating featured quotes and a two-column presentation of most recent quotes.  This redesign focused on making the site cleaner in order to better showcase the quotes.

* Quote archive – browse all quotes or view by topic or author. This is to complement the gallery, and to make it easier to browse all quotes at once.

* The submit a quote feature has been moved to the sidebar on all blog pages to (hopefully) make it faster and easier to submit quotes.

There are a few quirks in IE that I’m still working through–primarily on the quote archive page.  I’ll also be making other small tweaks to the site over the next week or so.

Thanks to everyone who gave me feedback on my site preview last week.  I tried to incorporate as much of your feedback as possible.

Let me know if you have any comments about the new design and features!

inspireUX redesign preview!

As you may have noticed, inspireUX’s design has remained the same since it launched almost 2 years ago.  As a result of the site’s growing readership and continuous evolution, I’ve been spending the past few months working on redesigning this site.  I have posted a few static screenshots of my proposed redesign.  I’d love any feedback that you have!

View the inspireUX redesign preview!