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Enable brands to move at relationship speed


“Enable brands to move at relationship speed – a threshold reached when every consumer interaction – a bit of data or pattern of behavior – is instantly and intuitively transformed into a relevant, meaningful brand response.” – Brian Kaiser

Quote submitted by Brian Kaiser of Targetbase XACT. Thanks, Brian!

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Think of your work not as a job, but as a calling


“If you look at some of the best, most inspirational practitioners in our field you’ll see that they think of their work, not as a job, but as a calling. They see the impact of technology on people’s lives as important. They feel that good design makes the world a better place — and that bad design can make life miserable… So my advice is: find your passion, pursue it and your career will take care of itself.” – David Travis

As someone relatively new to this field, this quote really spoke to me, and is probably my favorite out of all that I have posted so far. No matter what field you’re in, passion is extremely important.

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