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In design one makes-to-think and thinks-to-make

“In design one makes-to-think and thinks-to-make. There’s no hard line between wondering about something and making that thing in the machine shop. The two go together without a hard distinction between thinking it up and making it up. In a design studio… the making is also the thinking. We don’t figure everything out and then just build it. Both of these materialization rituals are the same and interweave in a simple, clarifying way.” – Julian Bleecker

This quote is from Kicker Studio’s interview with Julian: “Six Questions from Kicker: Julian Bleecker.

Designers already live in the future

“Designers already live in the future. Through our work, we’re pulling the present up to us.” – Julian Bleecker

Peter Merholz noted in his Adaptive Path blog post that Julian said this quote when asked about the future and about design.