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Challenge can lead to more engaged, informed, and self-sufficient users

“Challenging users in the correct manner will ultimately lead to more engaged, informed, and self-sufficient users. Informed users have a better idea of what they want and can better articulate why they want it. Most importantly, a user who is engaged with a subject is more willing and able to grow with it.” – P.J. Onori

Read more in P.J.’s article “In Defense of Hard” from the Adaptive Path newsletter.

The purpose of user experience design is to create personal value

“The purpose of user experience design is to create personal value. We’re not here to reduce risk. We’re not here to massage conversion rates. We’re here to make things that improve people’s lives. In doing so, our companies profit in both senses of the word. It’s insufficient to judge our industry by the ROI we generate, or our contribution toward GDP. We should judge our industry by the happiness we create.” – Cennydd Bowles

Read more in the transcript of Cennydd’s IA Summit 2011 closing plenary speech “The fall and rise of user experience.

Focus on finding the right design, not the right tool

“I’ve noticed that some attributes are common among the people whose work I admire. The people who are the most effective seem to continue to study their practice, and perfect their craft. After long hours of use, they find the way to flow within any app at their disposal, and become as fast and effective as they can using it. The key is what they do with the app once they’ve become expert at their craft, expert in finding the right design, expert in communicating, and expert in refining… Don’t let anyone tell you that what [tool] you choose is wrong or inappropriate. Find the right design and keep winning.” – Michael Angeles

This quote is from Michael’s article “Have a nice day.” Click on the thumbnail image above to view the full sized quote card.

We should design things to convey whatever personality and emotions are desired

“Everything has a personality: everything sends an emotional signal. Even where this was not the intention of the designer, the people who view the website infer personalities and experience emotions. Bad websites have horrible personalities and instill horrid emotional states in their users, usually unwittingly. We need to design things–products, websites, services–to convey whatever personality and emotions are desired.” – Don Norman

Read more in Don’s interview with Johnny Holland: “Design Research and Innovation.”