Creativity should not be relegated to the creative department; it is a requirement for all

“Fostering a culture based on creativity and collaboration helps bring down the walls that divide people from each other within organizations. Collaboration is not just amongst and within a given team; it needs to filter through and cross teams and departments. Creativity is not relegated to the creative department; it is a requirement for all.” – Cynthia Thomas

Read more in Cynthia’s article “The Importance of Designing an Experience Culture.

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I am a User Experience Designer with a passion for making people’s lives better through design. I have helped over a dozen organizations obtain a competitive advantage by delivering great user experiences across desktop, mobile, tablet and other channels.

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  • Well creativity involves different skills and a lot of flexibility, when thinking about solutions, improvement and so on.
    But it’s really about the relationship between that person an the object or subject he/she acts on creatively. It’s not ascribed to a department or a position in the system, it’s about the flexibility and the how one positions himself/herself.

  • I concur and its sad most today are not truly able to mentally have a concept of what a good design is as they are usually half ass and in a hurry. Sure I know deadlines must be met but if it looks like crap, pretty sure no one is eager to utilize whatever the design was intended for.

    In fact, I started a URL Shorten service and have put different layouts just to see what would and would not get people to stay on the site longer. Mind you site is very simple and forward, a label saying enter your URL and another being a input-box for the URL, also the submit button. I placed the items all over the place using CSS and it turns out, people had more “pleasure” having a funky layout that the boxes were all over the place, which I don’t understand and shows to have a creative idea, some will embrace it and some obviously won’t.

    My co-workers, surely did NOT like it and secretly I despised it too but I warned them to come up with something, they did not.