Creating great user experiences takes a multidisciplinary team that shares ownership of UX

“Creating truly great products requires an entire product team to place the needs of users foremost when making product decisions—or even better, a user-centered corporate culture… Creating great product user experiences takes a village—a smoothly functioning multidisciplinary product team that shares ownership of UX.” – Pabini Gabriel-Petit

Read more in Pabini’s article “Sharing Ownership of UX.”

Catriona Cornett

I am a User Experience Designer with a passion for making people’s lives better through design. I have helped over a dozen organizations obtain a competitive advantage by delivering great user experiences across desktop, mobile, tablet and other channels.

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  • Todd Walker

    You’ve misattributed this article. Trung Heiu Trinh has copy and pasted this verbatum from UX Matters:

    (There is an attribution link at the very bottom of Trung’s page.)

  • Anonymous

    Thank you, Todd! I didn’t notice that and apologize for the mis-attribution. I have updated the post to properly attribute the quote to Pabini Gabriel-Petit.