SXSW Voting Request (Shameless Plug)

It’s that time of year again, SXSW PanelPicker voting time! I know how annoying it can be to receive endless requests for votes, so I apologize in advance for contributing to the bombardment.  The fact is, though, that with the public’s vote contributing 30% to the final speaker decision, and with 2,347 panels to choose from in the voting, posts like these help draw your attention to proposals that may get lost in the crowd.

Note that in order to vote, you will need to create an account. It only takes a few minutes.

My SXSW Presentation Proposal

This is my first time submitting a proposal to SXSW.  I decided to submit a proposal based on a recent blog post (“Challenging Conventional Assumptions about User Experience Design“). Below is a short description of the presentation. If the topic intrigues you, click on the thumb to vote, or the title to view more details.

User Experience: Making Better Products, Brands, and Companies – Catriona Cornett

User Experience Designers have long been defined by our deliverables: wireframes, site maps, usability test reports, and prototypes. However, we are now challenging organizations to think of User Experience Design as much more than the sum of our deliverables. User Experience Designers can provide a unique perspective in helping to identify opportunities that address unmet customer needs, evolve product strategy, define holistic customer experiences across all touch points, and craft experiences that effectively reach customers across various media and platforms. Come challenge your assumptions about User Experience Design and discover why User Experience is not just about an abstract focus on the customer, but rather is a proven and reliable methodology for defining and creating appropriate solutions that create demand for your brand and factor into the success or failure of products.

Other Proposals from The Archer Group

In addition to my proposal, my company submitted 5 other panel ideas this year. I’d be doing a disservice to my brilliant co-workers if I didn’t also request that you consider their panels as you vote this year.  I assure you you wouldn’t be let down by any of them! Click on the thumb to vote, or the title to view more details.

Social Networks, Friends, and Marketing: Strange Bedfellows? – Lee Mikles

New Agency Challenges: Patent Trolls to Code Ownership – Patrick Callahan

Don’t Be Ashamed to Use Word Press – Le’Rhone Walker

The New Prohibition – Social Media at Work – Justin Silva

We Tried Project Teams and Failed – Sloan Miller

Other UX Panels

I want to take the time to look through the other User Experience related panels in more depth before recommending any of those, so I may be posting additional recommendations in a future post.  There were 99 panels submitted under the “User Experience” category, so there’s certainly great UX representation!

THANK YOU for your consideration!

Catriona Shedd

I am a User Experience Designer with a passion for making people’s lives better through design. I have helped over a dozen organizations obtain a competitive advantage by delivering great user experiences across desktop, mobile, tablet and other channels.

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