New ways of inspiring User Experience Designers

Thank you to everyone who participated in the survey I posted this past week! Your feedback clearly indicated to me two things: most of you like the focused, concise, simple nature of the quotes, but most of you are also open to a wider range of content.

I am going to start experimenting with posting new types of content.  I’m hoping that this will provide you with additional sources of inspiration extending beyond the quotes.  For now, I am going to reduce quote postings to twice a week and reserve at least once a week for other types of articles. This schedule may change based on your feedback and overall reception to the new types of posts.

The default RSS feed will include all posts. For those of you who are only interested in the quotes, I created a separate feed that you can subscribe to. As I add different types of content to this site, I’ll provide separate RSS feeds for those as well so you can subscribe to the content that you’re most interested in.

Please send me your feedback as this site evolves! This site exists for the User Experience community, and I want to make it as useful as possible.

Catriona Shedd

I am a User Experience Designer with a passion for making people’s lives better through design. I have helped over a dozen organizations obtain a competitive advantage by delivering great user experiences across desktop, mobile, tablet and other channels.

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