inspireUX – One year anniversary!

Today marks inspireUX’s one year anniversary!  Thank you for all of your support over this past year.

I have a simple question for all of you that may help me guide this site in the future:

>> How do you use inspireUX quotes?

Do you follow them through the RSS feed or Twitter? Print them out and post them on your wall? Use them in presentations? Send them to friends or coworkers? Leave a comment, send me an email, or send me a tweet with your thoughts! Bonus points if you send me a photo of how you use the quotes.

Please keep submitting quotes.  With your support, I hope I can keep up with my current posting frequency for a long time to come.

Catriona Shedd

I am a User Experience Designer with a passion for making people’s lives better through design. I have helped over a dozen organizations obtain a competitive advantage by delivering great user experiences across desktop, mobile, tablet and other channels.

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  • Happy Anniversary!

    I read your inspirational bites via RSS, often share them via email, and SCAMPER them to fit other businesses and disciplines (especially in K-12 classrooms).

    When are you going to reprint them into a small handheld book and sell them at Airports and such? THey’ll make great stocking stuffers!

  • Thanks for the comment, Mike!

    I’ve considered trying to find ways to reprint the quotes. However, my biggest concern is the legality of selling (or even reprinting in product form for free) other people’s quotes.

    (If anyone out there has any information on the legality of reprinting quotes, let me know!)

  • Jeff B.

    I subscribe to the feed, and use it to keep my design attitude straight. Thanks for the service!

  • I use them to learn about designers I’ve never heard of, and link through to the articles.