People on a design team must be as happy to be wrong as right

“People on a design team must be as happy to be wrong as right. If their ideas hold up under strong (but fair) criticism, then great, they can proceed with confidence. If their ideas are rejected with good rationale, then they have learned something. A healthy team is made up of people who have the attitude that it is better to learn something new than to be right.” – Sketching User Experiences by Bill Buxton

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Catriona Shedd

I am a User Experience Designer with a passion for making people’s lives better through design. I have helped over a dozen organizations obtain a competitive advantage by delivering great user experiences across desktop, mobile, tablet and other channels.

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  • We ought to be happier! Finding out we are wrong usually means we have discovered something new or proved an old saw false. When doing usability, my focus, the whole point is to discover the problems people are having. If we knew all of them already, what would be the point. As Einstein said, “There is a reason they call it research.” or something close.