Monthly Archives: June 2008

Great information architecture is invisible so that content can shine through


“Content makes the sale, delivers the service and builds the brand. The architecture is the container of the website, but content—well, it’s the content in the container. We don’t buy from iTunes because of its architecture; we buy because of its music. Great information architecture is invisible so that the content can shine through.” – Gerry McGovern

Read “The Importance of a Customer-Centric Design Approach: An Interview with Gerry McGovern” from UIE here. This is the same article that brought us another great quote from Gerry back in April.

Focus first on the overall experience


“The customers, the visitors, the patients, the readers, the guests, whatever you call them – their experience is what determines the company’s success or failure. So focus first on the overall experience. It’s strategic, not tactical. It’s about the people, not the tool. Focusing on the larger picture first will set a better context in which to work – later – on usability tactics.” – Mark Hurst

Read Mark’s article “The top 8 mistakes in usability (and companies investing in it)” here.

Enable brands to move at relationship speed


“Enable brands to move at relationship speed – a threshold reached when every consumer interaction – a bit of data or pattern of behavior – is instantly and intuitively transformed into a relevant, meaningful brand response.” – Brian Kaiser

Quote submitted by Brian Kaiser of Targetbase XACT. Thanks, Brian!

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